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community life in Spain

Behemoth Residential Communities

When you hear the term “residential community”, what image do you get? Maybe a gated community with a few houses and nice gardens, or the apartment building where you currently live? Let us show you what some developers had in mind…

Rules for Community Postboxes

Not having post delivered, or mail going missing can cause big problems for Community Presidents and Owners. To protect owners there are a number of legislations which specify what kind of mailbox each community needs to have and where they should be. Below is an overview of the rules and regulations.

Urbytus invited to attend Emtech

After five years of serious hard work, blood, sweat and a few tears along the way, Urbytus has been selected as one of the few start-up companies who get to attend the Emtech Spain conference (MIT’s Technology Review) this Thursday and Friday 22/23 November 2012.

Bringing your AGM to order

With any community or urbanization there will always be practical problems which arise. Traditionally these are brought up at the yearly AGM to be discussed and if possible resolved.

Minimizing Community Costs

It seems the economic situation is still having a devastating effect on property owners in Spain, with many struggling to pay their mortgages and community fees. The value of unpaid community fees is expected to reach €1.6 million by the end of this year, and is having direct consequences on communities.

Flat sharing becomes more popular in Spain.

Economical crisis always brings changes and one of the most recent changes that has come about in Spain is that of flat sharing.  While flat sharing is extremely popular in major capital cities and many other countries, in Spain it has only been popular among the