Local City Council Incentivizes Upkeep of Residential Communities

Our business Urbytus is located right next to the Mijas area of Costa del Sol. This city council is implementing a very interesting plan to assist local residential communities with some of their maintenance needs.

According to local newspaper El Sur, the Mijas “Ayuntamiento” is encouraging local residential communities to officially register with them, in order to gain access to services normally only provided by the council in non-residential areas, such as road maintenance.

The program, originally announced in 2017, asked communities to submit proposals addressing several safety and upkeep items listed by the council. If successful with their applications, the city council would make services available to the community that would result in significant savings.

This came as a response to requests by local residential communities to be formally-recognised as urban entities entitled to city-council assistance.

The Mijas council has been adamant that, in order to access this level of legal recognition, urbanizations have to be capable of showing good levels of self-administration: mainly record-keeping and maintenance of shared facilities.

This is exactly what services like Urbytus are designed to do: assist residential communities with day-to-day tasks, recordkeeping and fluent communication with service providers. We look forward to continuing to help residential communities in the Mijas area, in order to comply with local council requirements and be run in a more efficient and transparent way, saving money in the long term.

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