This is your chance to share your experience, expertise and anything you want to discuss.

The Presidents Club is an initiative started by Urbytus in April 2013. The idea is nothing other than sharing expertise and knowledge. No one teaches you how to run a community and many communities have similar problems.

If you are a president with experience, join us and share your expertise with other presidents, join forces and improve your neighbourhood. Remember the early days when you became the president, there are many people in your position today.

If you are new to the job, or aspiring to be one and making a difference in your home owner’s association, this is the platform to join. This is where you can pick the brains of those who have already been through it. There is no handbook or college course for becoming a president. It is sheer knowledge of; the local law, the horizontal property law and the many unwritten ways that you can deal with different situations.

We are here to help each other.

Join our Facebook group or sign up to our newsletter to talk and exchange ideas about the issues you are facing. It is amazing what I, as president of a small community have learnt from other fellow presidents like yourselves.

This is the easiest place to share your expertise and ask questions. We have recently moved from our private forum to Facebook as it seems to be the place where most users have an account and can easily share information. We will equally post information and whatever we find to be of common interest. Join the Facebook group to read and ask questions.

we can make a better community!

If you wish to receive information of interest to communities and for committee and presidents, then simply sign up to our newsletter. It is a none invasive and simple way to keep uptodate and if you have something to share, simply send us an email and we would be more than happy to share your knowledge and expertise with our members.

Whether you are an owner, committee member or president, I have been in your position.

The Presidents Club is an initiative started by Urbytus in April 2013. The idea is nothing but sharing expertise and knowledge. No one teaches you how to run a community and many communities have similar problems.

And in the process...

The Presidents Club is a platform created by Ali Parandeh to allow community Presidents to share their expertise as community president / committee member and help each other.

Come to a FREE lunch to meet and exchange ideas with other, like minded people, who are actively working and helping their communities.

A message from the founder Ali Parandeh

When I purchased my last property I was busy running my second business and the thought of getting involved in running the community had never crossed my mind. I even joked once, that this is a job for those that are retired and have time on their hand. However in less than one year, I found myself questioning the accounts, soon after I joined the committee, and before I knew it I was voted as the president of my community.

Upon taking over, I was handed over several big folders with little explanation and history of what they were. It was a mismatch of legal documents, receipts and communications with owners on certain issues. I found myself having to continuously consult the first president, asking other friends who were involved in their community and hopelessly lost at times in between all the different requests from owners and the legal battles of the community.

Creating the Urbytus software allowed me to put most of this in order and manage the phone calls, emails and tasks that were happening in the community. As I started selling the Urbytus software to other communities and presidents, I started to learn about the wealth of information that was untapped. Each president that I met with had some insight and experience that I would find useful. From finding ways to tackle late payments, adding surcharges to the community fees, dealing with the town halls, swimming pool regulations, noise and so on. The list was endless. It took me several years of trial and error to bring this wealth of information together and we are still working on improving this but this is the short story of how I started The Presidents Club.

My objective today is that you as presidents can share this experience with those who are new to the job and that those who are new to the job can use your wealth of knowledge. They say that being the president of a community is a thankless job. In my experience I have come to see many presidents putting in the effort and receiving the gratitude from the majority if not all. If I had the same access to this wealth of knowledge there are many things I would have done differently and I hope that together we can help each other to create better communities and neighbourhoods.