Urbytus invited to attend Emtech

After five years of serious hard work, blood, sweat and a few tears along the way, Urbytus has been selected as one of the few start-up companies who get to attend the Emtech Spain conference (MIT’s Technology Review) this Thursday and Friday 22/23 November 2012.

Emtech is an annual event which presents the most innovative technologies of the moment which have the potential to improve people’s lives and transform businesses and society in the future. The conference will also see over 20 national and international experts cover a range of topics including the future of Smart Cities and other pioneering technologies that are not yet available to the public.

Founder and Director of Urbytus Ali Parandeh explained “Getting selected by MIT to attend the conference and be part of this fantastic forum has been my biggest achievement so far. It felt like winning the Oscar and it’s great to be recognized for all our hard work.”

Since start up, Urbytus has played an active part in the future of Smart Cities by creating an application for communities that effectively turns them into Smart Communities and Urbanizations. The application provides electronic notifications and communication for urbanizations making everyday tasks easier for urbanizations. Features and capabilities include;

  • Reporting general failures and updates via mobile
  • Online community polls
  • Allowing Owners to check account balance and any future fees and budget online
  • Online document manager and storage
  • Fully multilingual system with all text translated simultaneously
  • Newsletters and archives can be sent electronically to the community or individuals

Issues which were previously contracted to outside consultants and technicians can now be resolved through the online community manager, bringing better management, smoother AGMs, better communication and faster results. Urbytus takes social networking to a whole new level.

All of these revolutionary features saves communities money, time and reduces their carbon footprint which is one of the reasons Urbytus was one of the few businesses to be selected to attend Emtech this year.



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