Flat sharing becomes more popular in Spain.

Economical crisis always brings changes and one of the most recent changes that has come about in Spain is that of flat sharing.  While flat sharing is extremely popular in major capital cities and many other countries, in Spain it has only been popular among the younger generation and in particular the students.

Economical crisis and always bring changes and new opportunities. New research by several popular Spanish websites like pisocompartido.com show that while the flat sharing profile was primarily young people between the age of 18-25  an average of 55.19% of the total, the past few years has seen an increase in the age group 26-35 accounting for 44.44% of this market, while the 18-25 age group market share has reduced to 30.17% taking second place.

Flat sharing is more common among women(58.31%), while sharing among men is (41.69%).

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