Bringing your AGM to order

With any community or urbanization there will always be practical problems which arise. Traditionally these are brought up at the yearly AGM to be discussed and if possible resolved.

Here are some common subjects discussed at the AGM:

•             Costs of maintenance and repair work

•             Noise levels

•             Owner debts within the community

•             Annoying neighbours

•             Security issues

•             Planned improvements

As anyone living in a community will know, these meetings can be difficult, long and unfruitful for the following reasons:

•  As a long time will have passed between meetings there are many subjects to discuss

•  Residents have been dealing with these issues for a long time and often have become very angry or upset about the subject causing emotional and difficult discussions

•  There are often language barriers amongst the residents and so effective communication, especially on complex matters can be difficult

•  Community Presidents can be seen to be the enemy and not appreciated for their hard work

But it doesn’t need to be this way! Now, the process of keeping in touch with what is happening in the community has been simplified greatly with Online Community Manager (OCM).

OCM is a web-based solution designed specifically for communities. They are fully interactive multi-lingual websites that can be used by everyone within the community; from tenants and owners to the president and committee. It makes communication much easier throughout the year, from wherever owners are based, solving problems quickly as they occur and not leaving it to the dreaded AGM.

Any letters, messages or reports can be easily posted to individuals or groups saving time and money, and all documents and information can be managed quickly and effectively.

Not only does OCM create community spirit and make it much easier to resolve problems, the website also has the added bonus of allowing owners to advertise their property for sale or rent and publish any second hand items they may want to sell.

Urbytus provides the interactive community websites and are currently looking for resellers. For more information on this unique opportunity visit our website or call us on 902 007 202.

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