community fees

New Colaboration Agreement for Debt Collection and Purchase

On the 6ht of January Urbytus signed a colaboration agreement with Eurofees to help with debt collection and also debt purchase in communities across the Costa de Sol and Spain. This agreement is unique in the sense that it turns Urbytus into the only company that can

Urbytus signs an agreement with HiFX for better community fees

There’s a lot to be said for living in a ‘community of owners’. Communal costs are shared so you get to enjoy facilities like gardens, pools, and tennis courts for a fraction of the cost. But at times like this, when the economic going gets tough, many we spoke to at the last

The participation quota in a community of properties

A community of proprietors is described legally as horizontal ownership. This is the legal term that establishes the individual ownership of a real estate and in an undividable way, the co ownership of the common elements that are necessary for the use of the particular property.

Recovering unpaid Community charges

All property owners in a community are responsible for contributing towards the communal maintenance, up keeping and repairs of their urbanization.  Unfortunately the number of such debtors and unpaid community fees are

Reduce your community Electricity Bills

In the course of the past 18 months, the price per kw of electricity has gone up over 20%.  While many owners have taken advantage of the several deals available from Endesa or other companies, including installations of ICPs, most communities have not.

Community repairs? Now you can get a mortgage

As of the beginning of this summer (1 July 2011), presidents of communities can get a mortgage for their community. Up until now the law required that any mortgage that was taken out by a community required the signature of all the owners.