Reduce your community Electricity Bills

In the course of the past 18 months, the price per kw of electricity has gone up over 20%.  While many owners have taken advantage of the several deals available from Endesa or other companies, including installations of ICPs, most communities have not.Depending on the size of the community and the installations that are powered by electricity this increase may or may not have an effect on your community bill.  Most communities have a provision of 5% reserve and annually increase their community charges by approximately 5% to keep up with the  average inflation.

If a community has a high electricity consumption due to the various instalations that consume a lot of power, like that of indoor or even worse outdoor pool heating, this increase can be quiet drastic and above the expected costs.

Many companies, including Endesa offer a lot of deals which in effect will reduce your community electricity bills.  These are not applied by default and you must request and sign a contract for a determined set of time, that will then allow you to the lower electricity rates available via these offers.  For example Endesa offers to reduce your community electricity bill by as much as 17%.  Follow the link to Endesa: Other companies include Iberdola and GasNatural.

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