New Colaboration Agreement for Debt Collection and Purchase

On the 6ht of January Urbytus signed a colaboration agreement with Eurofees to help with debt collection and also debt purchase in communities across the Costa de Sol and Spain. This agreement is unique in the sense that it turns Urbytus into the only company that can offer debt purchase for communities.  The system is clear and efficient and uses the Urbytus web service to speed up communication and the process of the debt recovery.

The most important part of this agreement and service is that the community does not incur any costs and in most cases they are able to recover 100% of the debt.

Urbytus and Eurofees are looking to help and improve the services in the coming years and depending the amount of debt and requirements of the community, they can help out using the various different sources and agreements that they have in place, such as debt purchasing and fast forwarding cash to communities, where they then take charge of collecting the fees as they are due.

For further information regarding the Community debt purchase and recovery scheme, please contact Eurofees or Urbytus directly on 952 591 071.