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Tips for homeowners

Gazumping, Gazundering and Smart Contracts

Gazumping, Gazundering and Smart Contracts

Perhaps two of the most flamboyant words in the dictionary. Their meanings, well… you certainly wouldn’t want to find out when you are close to purchasing or selling property!

Presidents Club, Second Quarterly Meeting

At the end of January 2014 beginning of 2014, Presidents of Urbanizations attended the Presidents Club at Urbytus.   The event was well attended by Presidents from Mijas Costa, Alhuarin to Marbella.

Urbytus signs an agreement with HiFX for better community fees

There’s a lot to be said for living in a ‘community of owners’. Communal costs are shared so you get to enjoy facilities like gardens, pools, and tennis courts for a fraction of the cost. But at times like this, when the economic going gets tough, many we spoke to at the last

How Smart is your Home?

From the tablet we use to browse the Internet to the mobile phone that can do a myriad of functions to a car which can park itself, technology is making our lives easier and more fun. In our homes, technology can also save us money by reducing our bills. By using solar hot water tanks, …

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