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Tips for homeowners

Changing your Administrator

Every community can decide to outsource the management of their community installations, services and book keeping to an Administrator.   The Administrator therefore will be in charge of preparing the budget, managing the works, make payments and handling of all the accounts. While an Administrator needs to have a university degree in Property Administration, lawyers and …

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Is there an alternative to Chlorine?

With our lovely Spanish weather many urbanisations have swimming pools which are very popular with families, owners and also holiday makers. However maintaining water quality without using tons of chemicals can be hard. More and more community presidents are looking for alternatives to chlorine so they don’t have the smell, can stop damage to hair …

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Rules for Community Postboxes

Not having post delivered, or mail going missing can cause big problems for Community Presidents and Owners. To protect owners there are a number of legislations which specify what kind of mailbox each community needs to have and where they should be. Below is an overview of the rules and regulations.

Spanish Electricity Meter Scam

A number of Spanish home owners have recently received a rather surprising phone call from their power suppliers claiming that they have an outstanding amount on the account (sometimes thousands) which needs to be paid immediately – failure to pay immediately will result in the power being cut off and the meter being removed.