How Smart is your Home?

From the tablet we use to browse the Internet to the mobile phone that can do a myriad of functions to a car which can park itself, technology is making our lives easier and more fun. In our homes, technology can also save us money by reducing our bills.

By using solar hot water tanks, solar panels and wind turbines we can reduce our impact on the environment, cut our bills and even make money by feeding energy back into the grid. Obviously Spain’s sunny climate makes it ideal for solar energy and as a minimum a water tank on the roof can produce very hot water in the summer months without a big investment.

By using smart technology like a smart thermostat, blinds and windows, your home can regulate its temperature appropriately when you need it, so you won’t be heating or cooling an empty house. You can even use sensors to judge the light levels so lights are only used when light is low and when there are people in the room. There are lots of amazing smart home options available, five of which have been pulled out in this informative article on smart technology to save you money.

There are obviously many more ways to save money on energy bills, such as using energy saving light bulbs, improving insulation and stopping things being on standby. Check out our post on energy saving tips to cut bills and find out more.

Spain is showing the way for the future of smart home technology. Company Think Big Factory has developed a prototype flat in the Basque country which harnesses the power of gaming technology used in XBox Kinect to browse the internet on the living room walls, turn off your alarm clock, or even project scenery onto your walls with a flick of your wrist. They believe that through this prototype they can show the future of Smart Home Technology and will be developing products for general use, so watch this space.