Presidents Club, Second Quarterly Meeting

At the end of January 2014 beginning of 2014, Presidents of Urbanizations attended the Presidents Club at Urbytus.   The event was well attended by Presidents from Mijas Costa, Alhuarin to Marbella.

Patrick from Op de Beek Insurance gave a talk on Presidents Liability and James Stevenson from Electronbox & PC Doctor, Spoke about the IPTV Solution for Costa del Sol.

The UK TV Channel switch offs has been one of the hottest topics for months and there are companies offering all sorts of solutions from, paid to free view IPTV.

Electronbox presented its box NEO Mx, which essentially an Android Box, could download the filmon app to allow free view of all the UK channels at standard definition and if needed, the client can always upgrade to HD view, if their ADSL line is capable of the download speed.

Other presidents shared their experiences and many were of the opinion that a simple community solution should be sought.