“Intolerable” noise from neighbour’s children ‘running around like playground’

The Mirror newspaper reported last month that the resident of a London flat had been awarded over 100K pounds for noise disturbance coming from the neighbours upstairs.

While the amount may seem excessive, the whole issue could have been avoided -according to the judge- if carpets had been initially installed to mitigate the noise.

The problem of noises coming from neighbouring homes is probably the most common one in residential communities, either apartment buildings or condominiums.

A good community association should have clear information in place to avoid reaching the courts when disputes arise.

It should also be proactive in recommending mitigation actions to avoid noises and smells. In the situation outlined in the article, it was the tenants and the owners of their rented apartment who had to pay the legal compensations of the dispute.

But ultimately, it is the peaceful life of the entire community in that apartment building that will be affected.



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