Is there an alternative to Chlorine?

With our lovely Spanish weather many urbanisations have swimming pools which are very popular with families, owners and also holiday makers. However maintaining water quality without using tons of chemicals can be hard. More and more community presidents are looking for alternatives to chlorine so they don’t have the smell, can stop damage to hair and bathing suits and can reduce adding potentially dangerous chemicals into the environment.

Ozone is growing in popularity as a method to sanitize water, kill pathogens and micro-contaminants. The ozone molecule is a very powerful oxidizer and sanitizer, it destroys anything it comes in contact with, fast and effectively. When the sanitation is complete, or if ozone finds nothing to oxidize, it returns to molecular oxygen and so not only oxygenates the water but also adds oxygen to the atmosphere. This is a greener and often more cost effective way to treat swimming pools and a good option to explore.

There are other green products on the market to try as well like this nifty solar powered pool purifier which floats in the pool and treats the water with mineral ions, purifiying the water and halting the growth of algae and microorganisms by 80%. There are also some great websites with eco-friendly pool maintenance tips you can follow.

Check with your gardener or pool maintenance company to make sure you are using a green option which also minimizes chemicals and will delight your owners with clean and chemical-free water. If you’re not sure how your community feels about this issue why not conduct a community poll and find out if it’s worth switching.