Changing your Administrator

Every community can decide to outsource the management of their community installations, services and book keeping to an Administrator.   The Administrator therefore will be in charge of preparing the budget, managing the works, make payments and handling of all the accounts. While an Administrator needs to have a university degree in Property Administration, lawyers and accountants are also allowed to practice in this sector.  The role can also be fulfilled by any owner within the same community.

An Administrator is normally chosen by the Community President or the Committee but in order to become official they must be voted in at one of the Community Meetings. Like the President the minimum term is one year, but the term can be extended if the community is happy.

It’s important that the Administrators are supervised and that the community ensures that they are fulfilling their role. If you don’t feel they are managing the community successfully, or not getting adequate contractors etc then you are entitled to change Administrator. Unlike a normal business transaction though it needs to be done via the General Meeting! Any of the members can propose that the administrator be replaced.  This point must be included in the agenda prior to the meeting and detailed in the minutes.

Prior to the meeting the Community President, or the owner who wishes to propose the change, should consult with the rest of the owners to get their feedback on whether they agree that the Administrator is failing to perform their duties. This can be done via email, notice board or a community website so that it gives you a chance to research new administrators and add the issue to the agenda knowing that it will get support. Good communication prior to meetings can make them run so much more smoothly and quickly and is highly advisable.

If you vote with a majority that the Administrator should be changed, then you need to propose a new Administrator and also vote them in to make it official.