Community Rules, by laws and yet more rules. Are we free to do what we want in our homes?

15 years ago, I bought an apartment in a beautiful quiet complex on the Mijas road.  The complex was only a few years old and most owners were retired or second holiday home owners.  That was just what I wanted; somewhere nice and quiet.  There were hardly any rules required.   In fact the community rules …

Community Rules, by laws and yet more rules. Are we free to do what we want in our homes? Read More »

New Colaboration Agreement for Debt Collection and Purchase

On the 6ht of January Urbytus signed a colaboration agreement with Eurofees to help with debt collection and also debt purchase in communities across the Costa de Sol and Spain. This agreement is unique in the sense that it turns Urbytus into the only company that can

Liability of the President & Committee as owners

  Did you know that as the President or he Committee of a Community of Owners, you are personally responsible and liable for any and all actions whilst discharging your duties as committee members.

The participation quota in a community of properties

A community of proprietors is described legally as horizontal ownership. This is the legal term that establishes the individual ownership of a real estate and in an undividable way, the co ownership of the common elements that are necessary for the use of the particular property.

All about Internet connection, speed and prices in Spain

As Telefonica announces to offer free internet calls throug O2, its UK operation, it amazes me why it has left its home market in search of others.   Shouldn’t be concentrating on providing a service in Spain?  First of all let’s look at the growth of intenret connection and use in Spain over the last decade.