Blockchain, Ethereum and Crypto intro with Jordi Baylina

MeetUp in Malaga – Blockchain, Ethereum and Crypto intro with Jordi Baylina

Our Communications Team had the chance to attend the UnBlockingChain#1 MeetUp event, organized by Polaris Link, by UMA Tech, part of the Universidad de Málaga.

The main speaker for the evening was Jordi Baylina, a recurring name in the world of blockchain and smart contracts. Baylina is well known as a smart-contract auditor and “white hacker”.

The event’s organizer was Beltrán Berrocal, one of Polaris Link’s mentors. Among the themes discussed were the limitations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: scalability issues, volatility, end-user security against scams and limited areas of life where it is worth deploying them.

A basic explanation of smart contracts and the code behind them by Jordi -with a real example of transactions and upload to the blockchain- was followed by an interesting overview of blockchain projects by Berrocal.

We look forward to continue catching up with some of the fellow attendees we met there.

Urbytus will be launching a CrowdSale and integrating blockchain technology within the next few months.