Is everyone on your urbanization registered on the Padron?

There are just four weeks left now until the end of the year and the deadline to sign up to the padron, or the municipal register which each town uses to show how many residents they have.

As a community president you will understand the importance of your residents signing on the municipal register, as it will help get your town the budget it needs when it comes to the next census.

Every town’s budget is allocated depending on how many people sign up to the padron, so with thousands across Spain unregistered it is feared some towns could lose out on certain benefits.

Signing the padron is free, quick and simple and holds the key to numerous benefits including;

•     Tax reductions on property

•     Tax reductions on certain services such as rubbish disposal

•     The ability to register with a doctor

•     The ability to register children at school

•     Ability to vote in local and EU elections

Encourage the residents of your community to sign up if they have not already done so. Some residents may think they have no need to as they have done it in the past, however they may need to be renewed. If any residents are in doubt or want more information on the padron and its benefits, they should visit their local town hall. There are excellent Costa del Sol foreigners departments which can help even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Some town halls are even penalising residents who do not sign as if they have thousands of unregistered inhabitants, the town will lose out in next year’s budget allocation.

If you’re struggling to get messages like these out to your owners, an online community website can help communicate to your urbanization quickly so your residents can stay up to date on important information, relieving you of administration work.

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