Wild Cats taking over our urbanization

Over the past year we have seen a growing number of feral (wild) cats in our urbanization.  To begin with, it was only one and a few neighbours fed it.  Soon it was pregnant and had three kittens, and now this year the kittens have had kittens.  All of a sudden we are dealing with a community of nearly 10 cats, fighting over space, urinating everywhere and creating a huge problem.

As we have stopped feeding them, in the hope of getting rid of them, they have become worse, they are entering the houses through windows and fearlessly looking for all options of getting access to food.

Unfortunately and unlike rats, we cannot get rid of them so easily.  They are currently a health hazard. They are urinating everywhere and generally tend to use the lawn by the swimming pool and other garden areas.  Apart from this, none of them have been vaccinated and can carry any germs or parasites that can spread easily through this area which is used by all adults and kids.

We have contacted the Mijas town hall and other animal protection groups, but have had little joy.  Currently we are looking at contracting a company that can have them trapped and removed.

If anyone can help that would be great.

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