What is a community of owners? Que es una comunidad de propietarios

In Spain, a community of owner or (Comunidad de Propietarios) is covered by law in article 396 of the Civil Act, where these type of properties are by character known as Horizontal Properties or (Propiedad Horizontal).  Horizontal Property in particular is about the rights of each owner of; flat, shop (local), parking space, storage room (trasteros) of the same building or area, with respect to the rest of the building or area.

Based on this system the owner of each property; flat, shop, parking etc has the sole and exclusive rights to their property and is co-owner along with all other owners of the same building or area of all other communal elements, such as the lift, walls, entrance halls, ceilings, swimming pools, doors and all installations and any equipment that belong to the building or the area.

Each owner has a participation quota which is equivalent and based on the size of their property in relevance to the total size of the community.  The participation quota or
the property coefficient is generally represented as a percentage of the total which should sum up to 100%.  It is the coefficient which is used for calculating and determining how much of the total cost of the community maintenance fee is owed and charged to each owner respectively.

The communal zones are inseparable from the title deeds of your property and belong to all owners and as such they are sold or purchased along with the same property.  When purchasing a property in as much as any part of the world you are responsible for the maintenance for your respective share of the building and or communal areas.


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