OCM updates and new modules.

Dear All,
You will have noticed that in the past couple of months we have made a fair few upgrades to our website. As we have not had the chance to let you know about each update at each stage, here is a quick summary.

1. User Management
You will have already noticed some of these updates. First of all when you go to User Management you will notice a user icon with a green tick for all those users who have accepted the terms and conditions for this website. You will also notice that we have listed their username right under the “Manage User” icon.
The better changes are in the User View mode. You will notice that you now have access to host of new modules. First of all we are turning this area into a full CRM, you can keep notes on all owners and users and share this not with the administrator if you wish. There is also a little memo area that’s private to you as president. If you have used the option of “Community Budget” you will also be able to see the community fees for each individual user and also the full and historic movement of past community fees. Also a full list of all their logins is made available in this section.
In full, you now have all the information you need about an owner in one simple view. (If your community accounts is still not working with OCM please let us know).

2. Control Panel
There are two important updates in here. First one is the Statistics module. You will see that we have now improved this module and you can see all the full logins of all users and also get a list of all those who have accepted terms and conditions and check to see who have selected to receive their community notifications by email.
The second option is “Community Budget” and “Community Fees”. If you are subscribed to the Platinum or Premium version of OCM you will have access to this module. It is now an easy process that requires you to fill in four fields in order for all owners to see their current and upcoming community fees.

3. Configure Website
We have made this available to all community Presidents, if you cannot see this please let us know. This new module allows you to take real control.
You can change the people who receive notifications, you can change all the menu permissions and user permissions. Indeed you are now in the controlling seat. Please do not modify these settings unless absolutely sure. We are happy to help you before you make changes.
I am grateful to all of you who have helped with the new improvements and also reported errors and bugs. Please let me know your comments and suggestion and I hope that we can make OCM a service for all communities across Spain.

Best Regards
Ali Parandeh

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