It is your turn to be President

Congratulations. It is your turn, your turn to be the President, your turn to run the show, … your turn to serve. To serve your neighbours and be of service to your community.  That’s what being a President is about. It is not about power and having it your way.

If there is one good thing about communities of properties in Spain or the law governing these properties, it is the law about how the role is open to everyone and that we all can and are encouraged to be the president for at least one year. Of course it is not obligatory, but the option is there.

It is the closest we come to a real democracy. All owners get to vote and everyone has the same equal chance of being elected. In many communities they take turn as the law suggests and each owner for a full year will have the pleasure and honour of being at the service of their fellow owners / neighbours.

This democratic system imposed on us in the Community of Owners is widespread with the exception of certain communities where a person out of love, expertise or free time; takes on the roll of being the eternal President.

It is a job that receives at times few praises except for when it is well done, communicated and in all humbleness.  If you have been landed with the job without choice, just remember that this is a time and chance for you to serve.  So serve with passion and with the spirit of being of service, just as you would expect of others when you are in need. It is the ideal role for us all to learn and foster this attitude that we forget at times.

Whether through choice or serving your turn, you have the power to make the change and be of service. Improve the things around you and do your best. Imagine if all the Presidents were as good as you and did their best, wouldn’t everyone want to live in your community? Wouldn’t that drive up the price of your property? A well kept community adds a good sum to your property and a well kept community brings harmony and peace amongst all the neighbours. Afterall, you looked at the community and the property before you made the purchase.

Take this chance as an opportunity and use the myriads of tools and services available to bring about the changes and services available to your community, reduce costs, improve standards and stand up for those who need you.