Take the trash out please

Dear Mary, please put the trash outside!

Living in a neighborhood or in an urbanization means sharing certain responsibilities, and one of them is taking out the trash on designated days. It’s a routine task that we may take for granted, but it’s crucial for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Unfortunately, not everyone is diligent about following this rule, and it can create an unpleasant situation for everyone else.


In my urbanization, there is a neighbor who always forgets to put the trash outside. Her name is Mary, and she is a friendly and kind-hearted person, but she seems to struggle with remembering the trash schedule. I don’t know if she does it on purpose or she just simply forgets, but it’s been more than two months now, and the trash bags have stacked up to form a sizable pile.


As an individual who values a clean and harmonious environment, I am concerned about this situation not only because it creates an eyesore but also because it attracts insects and rodents, which pose health risks to everyone in the vicinity. I have tried to help Mary by reminding her about the trash day and even offering to take it out for her, but she always keeps the trash bags in the courtyard and stacks them up as a pile. Perhaps she expects someone else to pick it up for her or something.


Dealing with this situation requires empathy and tact, not just annoyance or frustration. I have dealt with similar problems in the past, and I have learned that different people need different approaches. As much as I wanted to go and throw all the bags in front of her door, I stopped this urge and instead talked to her in a friendly way so that she could see the problem and the side effects of her actions, not just for us but for her as well.


With this chat, I was able to understand what the problem was and offered her some help in making a reminder for her tasks and guiding her through sources that would help her get her house chores organized in a way that she won’t forget. I realized that by reaching out to people in an empathetic way and treating them well, we can make progress that surpasses the frustration and anger that may arise from such situations.


The issue of trash may seem like a small matter, but it’s a reflection of our values and attitudes as a society, and it’s up to us to make it a positive one. By approaching our neighbors with kindness, understanding, and practical assistance, we can foster a sense of community and create an environment where everyone takes responsibility for maintaining a clean and healthy neighborhood.

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