How to reduce your children’s inheritance tax?

Did you know that Spain is amongst the highest taxed countries in Europe when it comes to inheritance?  And even worse for the non residents. 

Inheritance tax is that unknown but yet feared tax that every property owner is concerned about when purchasing a property overseas. “What would happen after one passes away?”, “would their heirs get the property, or just a burden?”, all these questions arise, and there are no easy answers.  In many occasions, the heirs have ended up waiving the property and the government has inherited what was the hard earned cash and savings of their parents.

If you have a property in Spain and regardless of if you are resident or not, you should seek legal advice.  In order to help our clients Urbytus is constantly looking to find companies and services of interest to its clients.  For this purpose we have now signed an agreement with FuenLaw, a law firm in Spain that can in many cases reduce the inheritance tax to zero.  What to find out more?  Just click here and fill in the form, so that one of their experts can get back to you.