How Smart is Your Community?

Today every other word you hear is Smart. Smart cars, Smart Watches and Smart Phones. So how Smart is your community? Is it really smart? Does such a thing as a Smart Community exists?

The word smart got tagged to the new generation of internet connected phones that could do more than just make and receive phone calls.  Their internet connectivity and the programs made available via “apps” basically made it possible for users to start using them as mini PCs, a new way connecting and using the net and interacting with others. The mobile connectivity has given rise to a whole new range of products from smart watches to smart cars, all of which are internet connected and exchange information.

However the abbreviation SMART was initially used for hard disks. It was short for (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology). I like this definition much better. A SMART device should not be one that is just connected to the internet but one that should constantly monitor itself and report back to you in case of problems, simple reminders and with constant reassurance that all is running well.

So is your Community Smart?  Can it really attain a Self Monitoring, Analysing and Reporting state?

The answer is yes.  The technology is here and in many cases the integration is simple and even cheap. Prices of monitoring and measuring devices have fallen dramatically and they are now in 2 or 3 digit sums, which means for as little as a few euros, you can monitor electricity, water, gas and other common utility items within the community.  Detect water leaks not by noticing huge water puddles but through simple notifications sent via sensors and digital water meter readers. Integrating such technologies and upgrades to communities is not a major job and the choices are growing everyday.

So you may ask what’s holding communities back? The answer is simple sluggish and old style management system that does not provide punctual communication coupled with a simplified decision making process.

Well that’s all I have to say, but the first step is simple, get your community online and the communication platform running first.  It is easy and takes just a few minutes. Start here, Start TODAY.