President’s Club First Quarterly Meeting

Following the successful inauguration of The Presidents Club last May at the Don Carlos Hotel, more than 40 presidents and committee members turned up at the first quarterly meeting of The Presidents Club at the Tamisa Hotel and Los Naranjos Golf Club last Monday & Tuesday 16/17th of September.

The hot topic of the day was community debts and Jeremy Boyle, gave a full talk with how these debts can be recovered and if it is worth following or not. Many communities in particular with foreign residents have found themselves in trouble and with the Spanish debt recovery system is being slow, some communities have waited as long as seven years to get court hearings and debt recovery initiated. In UK these procedures are much simpler and faster, with debts being recovered in as short a time as several months.

Equally with the use of technology and web platforms such as that of Urbytus many communities had managed to reduce their costs, gain access to free legal advice and much more. The members presents were very eager to hear and join forces with other community presidents in their neighbourhood to help improve local issues with town hall or other governing bodies and equally in many cases find solutions to common problems shared by all communities. The Club is open to all community members, presidents and owners alike and is a place for sharing experience and expertise. Those interested in joining can do so by signing directly on the online.